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An academically studious, socially inclined, responsible and well behaved child is the dream of every parent. We, at The Compass Team, have a mission to accomplish- to foster and make a meaningful change in the lives of students, teachers and parents. Our clinical team of professionals is just as passionate, with a 'never give up' attitude and a slogan that reads ' Caring. Moulding. Nurturing'.

Today's fast paced and technologically influenced life style is doing more harm than good. It is eating into the positive side of morals, values and ethics, affecting a new generation that has little knowledge about their ill effects thus challenging the aspect of parenting, like never before.
Our Screening, Identification and Remediation process has already brought a smile of happiness on many faces. We are working hard to spread this across, far and wide.

With proven expertise in the areas of Psychology, Speech Language Pathology, Audiology and Nutrition, our Clinical Services combine warmth and care that are second to none.

Areas of Service

Remedial Intervention for Learning Disability
Special Education Services for Mental Retardation
Attention Enhancement Training for ADD and ADHD
Behaviour modification Training for ODD, CD and ADHD
Exam Anxiety Management Training
Counselling for family problems, personal and peer group problems
IQ and LD Certification.
Speech Therapy for Mis articulation, Stuttering and Voice Problems
Speech Therapy for the Neurologically Impaired
Diet modification and recommendation for Obesity, Overweight and underweight
Examination Diet and diet management for Protein Deficient Diseases
Dietary Habits Management for Autism and ADHD..
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