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Imagine a generation that is physically and mentally healthy. One that has high levels of social and morals values, One that 'raises the bar ' in setting standards, one that understands the intricacies of life,

Precisely, that is what we yearn for.

We are The Compass Team, a lively group of professionals working as a team, with a burning desire to foster a positive thinking in the life of students, to mould them into self confident and socially adaptive personalities, to instill in them the basics about the realities of life. Our 360 degree approach can’t be forgotten here because when it comes to students, parents and teachers have a major role to play. Without a second thought, we focus on them too.

We have taken the less traveled route of ' Outreach ' programmes to screen and identify students with problems in academics, behaviour and life skills. We practice what we called the “ASSET” concept- Assessment, Evaluation and Therapy. To admit with humility, it has worked only too well. We have been overwhelmed by the many testimonials from parents and schools, which have only been too supportive.

Ours is a never ending journey to positively change schooling, parenting and teaching; to pave the way for a society that sets the highest ethical and moral standards. After all it is such a society that makes life happier.

We invite you to partner us and support our endeavour
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