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Holistic Development-Understanding the essence

The world is getting transformed, more dynamically than ever before. Fast changing life styles, socio economic conditions, technology invasion, especially through media-both online and off line- and a host of other factors have posed serious problems and are becoming strong impediments in the preservation of culture, tradition, morals, values and ethics. A notable feature is the effect of these factors on children and a spurt in the number of problems related to them.

Preservation of the quality of life, along with its inseparable aspects, is related to upbringing and the way in which the concept of 'family' is understood. Studies indicate that the Indian mindset has taken a long time to get adjusted to and cope with problems related to the mental health. Psychology as a subject needs to be broadly perceived as one that is as important and common as general medicine, without any stigma attached to it.

We are still in an era where using a hearing aid is considered a 'dent to prestige' as compared to spectacles, where visiting a psychologist is something that makes others mock at one seeking consultation, where psychiatry and psychology are interchangeably misunderstood.

An encouraging fact is that this mindset is slowly changing, visible from the number of special schools and institutions offering courses in allied health care-those related to psychology, speech and hearing, audiology, special education and so on. A psychologist and speech therapist are more commonly understood terms and so are dyslexia and stuttering.

The western world has been quick to adopt various methods to counter and manage disorders in the areas of Psychology and Speech Language and Communication by having online fora to foster open discussions, exchange of ideas and management methods of such disorders. We need to take a leaf out of their books to encourage such activities re affirm that we care no less for our children.

The Compass Team has a clear goal- a goal that seeks to pave way for a holistically developed generation with the highest standards in ethics, morals, and values- a generation that is socially inclined, confident, responsible and responsive.

We have designed a special programme HOPES (Holistic Programme for Evaluation of Students) to screen, identify and provide remediation to students in the areas of academics, behaviour, life skills, speech language and communication, hearing and nutrition. It is a small but a major step to improve them so that they transform into individuals of high standards. We believe that a strong foundation is one that makes a strong structure and that 'catch them young' is a term that can be evenly applied when it comes to a social cause too. Our Clinics, manned by professionals who are passionate about child care, will complement our screening services to provide remediation adhering to the best standards and ethical practices.

We should take cognizance of the fact that students with specials needs and the ones that are 'differently' abled have to be understood well, more than anything else. A caring hug does wonders compared to a costly gift. They have to be trained, managed and cared for. They have to be recognized and motivated by parents, teachers and peer groups. Our endeavour is to drive these aspects well into the minds of all of them through our programmes, seminars and workshops for everyone involved in the process-students, teachers and parents.

Children are gifts of God. They need to be treasured. Every gift has something special and so has each child. Stigma and social botherations shouldn't be hindrances to giving children the best of care, in whatever way possible,

Albert Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison were Learning Disabled, yet are immortals even today,


In line with our commitment to the society, we are giving shape to two new initiatives- Save A Morsel and Save A Child. We hope that this would instill in students and the society a sense of responsibility and compassion.

Our journey has just begun, But we are determined to reach our destination because we have taken up a noble cause and are driven by this conviction.

We solicit your support, guidance and patronage, in making way for a society where life has more meaning.

I would be privileged to receive your feedback.

Manoj Krishnan
Chief Guidance Officer
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