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Why Screening

Among children, hyperactivity, Learning Disability, attention deficit, behavioural issues, problems related to Social, Emotional and Thinking skills, computer and general safety awareness, misarticulation and stuttering, obesity, overweight and underweight, problems related to hearing and many other similar or related issues go un noticed most of the time. The importance given to these areas compared to general medicine is certainly on a lower scale, mainly due to lack of awareness and also the 'social stigma?attached to such problems. But bitter is the fact that lack of proper intervention can lead to dire consequences. It is necessary therefore, for parents and teachers to understand why, in the current scenario, a scientific model of Screening, Identification and Remediation is required to address such issues. Broadly, the reasons can be summarized as follows.

Moreover a spurt in the number of cases of sexual exploitation of children and the feedback received during counselling are
proof of the fact that many of them come out in the open only during such technical sessions.

So also, a proper understanding of the behaviour of children, their academic strengths and weaknesses and also a clear knowhow of causes of deviation from the normal can be scientifically understood and studied to manage them effectively.

'Tare Zameen Par?was an eye opener for many parents. This is precisely what HOPES aims to achieve- to understand if the development of the children is as per set standards of age and to analyse, correct and manage it, if development is not age appropriate. The programme also identifies the hidden potential in children and gives parents a clear picture on what to do to groom them to face the future.

Among adults, the current competitive scenario demands the best of output and a consistent level of performance at a professional level. Many factors- psychological social, cultural and economic- have a strong influence on standard of performance and it is essential to understand them. CHEESE takes employees through this scientific screening process to ensure that all aspects are understood and identified to take remedial measures, through a system of periodic engagement by a team of specialists. This will result in identifying underlying problems to take corrective measures and ensure better productivity and also help in building healthier communities of employees-personally and professionally.

The Compass Team is on a mission to promote this concept of creating awareness on the need for a professional screening approach. A positive change is what we aim to achieve through this process.

Neil Armstrong said "That's one small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind?after landing on the moon.

We believe that this humble effort would only pave the way to make society a happier place to live in.
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