You are in the website of a Social Enterprise that began its journey 10 years ago, covering 150-odd schools
5000+ teachers, more than 40,000 students and an almost equal number of parents .

These figures speak about our level of interaction, from our birth, through programmes that have made a difference in their lives. And ours too. 

From the Student Evaluation Programme at Schools-HOPES©, to Career Aptitude Testing for High School Students, Faculty and Parents' Engagement to Remedial Intervention for students who need it, we have been working on a 360° approach to make the society a better place to live in.

Our services have been a combination of unique approaches in 
Psychology, Speech Language Pathology, Nutrition, General Medicine,  Dental Health, Ophthalmology and more, to deliver outcomes aimed at holistic development.

The task of making a difference in the way schooling happens is difficult, not impossible. It hasn't stopped us from moving forward.
The best results, as we consider, are the outcome of Passion and Innovation.

Passion for us is as important as our existence.
Innovation helps us add value.

We believe in the power of happier societies that involves the overall development of students, teachers and parents.

ur work would continue to focus on this aspect, always.

Come, join us to add some COLOUR to our lives.

The 4C Concept

This concept is the basis of our work and guides each member of our team.
It reads thus

To be CARING in all our deeds.
To be COMPASSIONATE in addressing problems. 
To be CONSIDERATE in dealing with people.
To be COURAGEOUS while confronting adversities.