Our Services are unique and game changers. They focus on students of all age groups, teachers, parents and professionals. Each of our programmes aims to address modern day challenges in bringing about much needed impact to create an emotionally stronger society that is responsible.


HOPES is a combination of Screening , Assessments and Intervention, the first of its kind outreach programme in the country. It uses a "multiple specialists" approach to understand students better on a variety of parameters that have a bearing on their personal development.

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D'sha is a Scientifically developed Career Aptitude Test for High School Students that helps them choose the appropriate course based on knowledge, Interest and Ability to derive Aptitude. It is a 90 minute paper and pencil test, developed by a renowned team of Psychologists and Statisticians. 

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Coming from Pearson® the world's learning company, these two Online Assessment tools are based on Personality and Differential Aptitudes respectively. These Career Aptitude Tests act as genuine pointers in understanding the strengths and improvement areas of high school students, under graduates and professionals and in helping them make focused career decisions.

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Special School Based Programmes

We also have many  programmes which cover a broad spectrum of relevant topics that would help and guide students, teachers, parents and schools in areas that require expertise of specialists and help them address unique challenges.

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